The Big Bath
by Gilles Lellouche

Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau


Gilles Lellouche where we didn’t expect him

The Big Bath, directed by Gilles Lellouche, and featuring Mathieu Amalric, Benoit Poolvoerde, Guillaume Canet, Virginie Efira and a whole bunch of other well-known French actors, tells the story of several men living mediocre lives and having mediocre relationships, who decide to join a leisure practice of masculine synchronised gymnastic.

Through that decision of joining a practice that is usually associated with women, they discover and develop their ability of connecting to their feminine side and expressing their emotions and feelings, and discover the value of male bounding and friendship.

After deciding, in spite of their amateurship, to participate to the world championship in Norway, they will face a lot of mockery, find some unexpected support, and raise to the challenge together. They will all gain some self-knowledge and some pride from the experience, and finally become able to face their responsibilities and look at reality with less fear. They will find their inner strength and joy.

This film is very moving at times, very funny at other times. It is well written and the characters, particularly well developed, are endearing. The directing is very good, with some great ideas. The actors are excellent. And the film rises some very interesting questions about the society we live in.

Director: Gilles Lellouche
Screenplay: Gilles Lellouche, Julien Lambroschini, Ahmed Hamidi
Cinematography: Laurent Tangy
Editing: Simon Jaquet
Sound: Cédric Deloche, Gwénolé Leborgne, Marc Doisne
Music: John Brion
Mathieu Amalric (Bertrand)
Guillaume Canet (Laurent)
Benoît Poelvoorde (Marcus)
Jean-Hugues Anglade (Simon)
Virginie Efira (Delphine)
Leïla Bekhti (Amanda)
Marina Foïs (Claire)
Philippe Katerine (Thierry)

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