Berklee Jazz Standards For Solo Piano
by Robert Christopherson, Hey Rim Jeon, Ross Ramsay, Tim Ray

Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau

I Want to Learn Piano Jazz Improvisation!

It took 4 Berklee Jazz Piano teachers, Robert Christopherson, Hey Rim Jeon, Ross Ramsay, and Tim Ray, to produce this amazing piano jazz  book, Berklee Jazz Standards for Solo Piano.

The principle of this volume is simple. You’ll find several jazz standards presented according to various piano skills, from intermediate (level 1-2) to advanced (level 4).

Each standard is introduced by a presentation including some background on the piece as well as some technical and interpretation comments.

Then the score of the standard is provided in an arrangement made by one of the 4 authors of the book, and appropriate to the corresponding level.

Note that the fingering is not provided, which is a good thing since fingering is usually part of interpretative choices as well as related to the size of the hands of the pianist.

Finally, an audio recording of each arrangement is provided online so that you can familiarize yourself with it.

A must read (and practice) if you are a pianist and want to improve your jazz skills.

Link to the page of the book.

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