Making It Big in Shorts by Kim Adelman

Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau

Becoming a Professional Working Filmmaker

In her book Making It Big In Shorts, producer and teacher Kim Adelman proposes a roadmap to make the production and the making of a short film count.

Every step in the process is important: the choice of the project, its writing, the funding and the preparation of the shooting, the shooting itself, the post-production, and the marketing and distribution of the film, including how to strategize and navigate the festival circuit. And how to build a following all along this process through social media.

The final and most important step concerns how to use your film to launch your filmmaking career, which is in the end the main reason for making a short film, additionally to making a work of art and conveying a message that is important to you.

So whether you have already shot a short film and is considering making the next one, or this is your very first attempt at shooting one, this book is a must read if you are serious about becoming a professional working filmmaker.

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