Frédéric Mathevet

mathevetFrédéric Mathevet is a composer, visual [plastic] artist and associate artist-researcher at ACTE (UMR 8218) Paris 1 CNRS.

He is co-founder and co-editor of the online magazine “L’Autre musique” and the laboratory of the same name.

He has published many articles and is the author of two visual arts textbooks, the second volume of which is dedicated to music.

He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Paris, Montreuil, Toulouse and London. He has also given several multimedia concerts, including Faire la peau 2 for a bodhràn (Nice, Paris, Noisiel), Rec-u-Aime for a cello, a mezzo-soprano and a knitter (La ferme du buisson), Méchaniques funambules   for a baritone saxophone (Petit Bain). Personal website:


Thoughts on the artist-researcher of today: positions and proposals. p-e-r-f-o-r-m-a-n-c-e, 1 (1).