Hands of Stone by Jonathan Jakubowicz

Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau

Tribute to Robert De Niro

In his new feature film, Hands of Stone, Jonathan Jakubowicz portrays the life of Roberto Durán (amazingly interpreted by Edgar Ramirez), the great panamean boxer, who won several world titles. He started out as a street kid and learned to fight in order to survive.

After becoming a top boxer in Panama, his trainer calls in a very famous American coach, Ray Arcel, portrayed by Robert De Niro. The film centers on the ascension of the panamean boxer to the world title, as well as the relationship between the bower and his new coach.

The acting is excellent. The actress who plays the wife of Roberto Durán, Felicidad Durán (Ana De Armas) is amazing and plays on the same level as Edgar Ramirez and Robert De Niro, who are also both excellent in that film.

The direction by Jonathan Jakubowicz is masterful, the image by Miguel Loan Littin beautiful, and there is an astonishing work on the sound by Paula Fairfield.

Add to that the fact that the film was presented as a special tribute to Robert De Niro, that Robert De Niro was present with his wife, and that the audience offered him a standing ovation of about 10 minutes right before the film was screened and you can imagine how special that screening was for everyone in the theatre!

Director: Jonathan Jakubowicz
Screenplay: Jonathan Jakubowicz
Cinematography: Miguel Loan Littin
Production Design: Tomas Voth
Music: Angelo Milli
Editing: Ethan Maniquis
Sound: Paula Fairfield
Robert De Niro (Ray Arcel)
Edgar Ramirez (Roberto Durán)
Usher Raymond IV (Sugar Ray Leonard)
Ana De Armas (Felicidad Durán)

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