Cathy Kaufman

Cathy K. Kaufman is an adjunct professor in Food Studies at The New School for Public Engagement and has taught about the material culture of tablewares at New York University.

Trained as a professional chef, she has taught hands-on classes in culinary history at New York’s Institute of Culinary Education. She has been the president of the Culinary Historians of New York since 2003 and has served as a Trustee and Programmer of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery.

She is the associate editor of Savoring Gotham: A Food Lover’s Companion to New York City, a senior editor of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America, and Cooking in Ancient Civilizations. She is currently working on a history of dining rooms, the material culture of tablewares, and how we perform in those spaces to define our relationships.


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