Film+Video Budgets 6th Edition by Maureen A. Ryan

Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau


We do not present Film+Video Budgets anymore. This is THE book for anyone who is serious about producing any type of gilm or video project. Understanding budgets is the key to production. The book gives an explanation for every possible line of the budget with numerous examples. It also provides some real-world budgets as examples: a $1.8 Million Narrative Feature Film, a $1 Million Documentary Feature Film, a $625K Narrative Feature Film, a $350 K Documentary Feature Film, a $145K Industrial/Short Documentary Film, a $125K Narrative Feature Film, and a $20K Student Shrt Film.

For the current edition, the 6th one, Michael Wiese asked Maureen A. Ryan to do the update. This is a significant update as the technology has evolved tremendously in the past few years and the way of making film as well as the production workflow have evolved consequently. This is not so much a book about how much things cost as it is a book about how to budget the production of a film or video budget, what to include, and why. The book includes also tons of tips on how to reduce costs on a lot of things.

The author also reminds us that budgeting is the third step in a three-step process. The first step is to examine the script/storyboard/breakdown in great detail. The second step is to schedule the shoot. And then, finally, the third step is to determine the budget.

A must for any producer or anyone who wants to understand how film and video finances work. No wonder this book has already become a classic!

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