Anne-Laure Dubrac

Anne-Laure Dubrac is Associate Professor at the University of Paris XII (UPEC) where she teaches general and legal English. Her research aims to analyze how cinema and theatre can stimulate the development of linguistic and cultural skills. Incorporating research from fields as diverse as neuroscience (Decety & Sommerville 2003, Thirioux & Berthoz 2010), arts, and education (Lecoq 1997, Aden 2010), she is investigating the links between language, body and mind. In her classes, she tries to explore the physically ofEnglish with students, and helps them understand that the physical gesture can be a great aid in understanding language concepts.

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A comparative approach to drama-based teaching in two different learning environments: the Law faculty of UPEC in Paris and the City University of New York. p-e-r-f-o-r-m-a-n-c-e 2(1).